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IT and software consulting for companies on every stage of development
About Us
IT Pro Consulting — is a consulting agency that works with entrepreneurs and helps to achieve great success in the market. Over 5 years of work, we have helped more than 20 companies to create a competitive IT infrastructure and stable services.
Why Choose Us?
Our specialists are ready to share IT expertise based on the knowledge of what is currently working on the market.
5 years of experience
For that time we have worked with different companies in more than 10 industries
Individual approach
Each company we work with has its own vision and approach. We align your technology strategy with the business
Continuous improvement
We are ready to improve your current systems and solutions
Our services
We offer several services for the development of your company
  • Technology strategy and audit. A precise IT audit and further strategy based on results
  • Infrastructure and system solutions
Our team will help you create a stable, scalable network infrastructure that meets your business needs.
You will be able to control the operation of applications, flexibly manage network load, minimize failures, reduce downtime costs, and provide employees with access to the Internet and corporate services over secure communication channels.
  • Cybersecurity
We manage the process of the security of your web, mobile applications and API.
Select the best solutions to protect your infrastructure.
We will help build a secure development process (Secure SDLC, DevSecOps) to eliminate vulnerabilities at an early stage.
Final Results
  • Clear understanding of IT concept and strategy
    Our goal is to help your business, your customers and partners. You will get a detailed analysis of the company's IT infrastructure with a "problem map"
  • Detailed infrastructure scheme and recomendations
    Audit of the main components of the infrastructure: servers, storage, virtualization, LAN, infrastructure services
  • Final IT recomendations
    For each element, we will give a conclusion in the context of several directions:
    Architecture, performance of resources, scalability, operating conditions of equipment, software relevance, HealthCheck of hardware, backup, coverage by monitoring systems, fault tolerance
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